What can do for YOU?

Let’s face it, every business has tasks that are less than enjoyable, but absolutely necessary. Emails to be answered, documents managed, finances monitored, and that to-do list that just seems to grow and grow! That’s not what you want to spend your time on. You work for yourself so you can say “this is WORK time, and this is MY time”! Your passion in your work drives your success, and your reward for that success should be to enjoy your time on your terms. is a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs who have vision and drive. You take care of the big picture – we’ll handle the details!

How We Help provides efficient and effective support on a per-project or ongoing basis. Everything from file system setup and records management to promotional literature and special event coordination is available through a single point of contact. We provide copy editing and creation services, data entry, AR/AP, sourcing and comparison of subcontractors, project coordination, and much more.

The Advantages to You

  • Secure file transfer and management and electronic payment options.
  • Rebates for qualified client referrals.
  • Flexible scheduling: we work evenings and weekends!
  • No need for salaried employees for part-time work or special projects.
  • Flat-fee setup and fixed monthly maintenance costs allow for predictable budgeting.
  • Variable project pricing includes a FREE initial project consultation AND written Estimate: no surprise add-on fees!
  • Multi-service bundling is available – let Mom take care of it all, and SAVE!
    • 2 monthly services = 10% pre-tax discount
    • 3 monthly services = 15% pre-tax discount
    • Monthly service + other service = 10% pre-tax discount

The Local Edge

  • Local business, local network, local economic growth – we are Ottawa proud!
  • Discounted rates provided for non-profit and not-for-profit organizations.
  • 10% of gross earnings donated to local charities.